Once upon a time, in the modern West, a young girl was challenged intellectually. She was told for an art history assignment to produce a unique bag.  An assignment that lead to something it was never supposed to…. It was meant to just be a BAG.

In the process of creativity, she found herself trying to think of a different way to look at the uniqueness in people, in order to create a unique product. Whilst looking around and seeing life, respecting death and observing illness and suffering, she realized we all have something in common. We are special creatures as we live and breath physically as well as mentally. It may sound controversial; we have “something” in common that makes us unique. We all have “something” that makes us US, makes you YOU and me ME. 

It is like a flame that burns in all living creatures. All flames have a blue core and go from yellow to orange to red, some might be brighter than others, however they are all unique.

I named this phenomenon Indyflame

Discovering my true Indyflame, what makes me unique, is essential to me. Others describe this in other words but might essentially mean the same. Who am I? What is my purpose, my passion and meaning (if there is any…) in life? Why?

I am perfectly, or at least sufficiently, adjusted to daily life. The mundane treadmill of waking, working, eating and sleeping. In everyday life I fulfill several tasks, I’m a mum, daughter, sister, friend and Lover. Oh and colleague! Cos we all have to do something to make money in order to keep this treadmill going…

However, as a thinker and very much in touch with my emotions, I believe I could be of more meaning, to the world in general and on a smaller scale make my loved ones and myself happier. I feel the need to go on a journey to find out more about my Indyflame and empower it, physically and mentally, for the greater good.  And when my journey should end, which it obviously will at some point, I wish to leave my son proud and feeling loved. In the meantime I’m very aware that every action, no matter how small, contributes to this goal.